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          Welcome Tongli Grain Machinery!
          Single equipment series
          TLTGSU self-cleaning scraper

          Performance features:

          The scraper is a flat or small-angled (﹤15°)continuous conveyor equipment featuring self-cleaning. It is mainly used for the convey of half-finished and finished products produced in grain barns, docks, grain, feed and oil processing factories;
          The chassis is equipped with a U-shaped closed trough and the semi-circular scraper blade is similar with trough in shape. In this connection, little residual material is left in the machine during the process of conveying;
          Adopting bushroller scraping chain and nylon supporting roller, it operates with little noise and small friction and it meets the need of multiple feed and discharging;
          It boasts of excellent sealing property with no leakage. A rain-proof coverplate is needed when it is in outdoor service.