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          Welcome Tongli Grain Machinery!
          Single equipment series
          TLSJH effective twin-shaft paddle mixer

          Performance features:
          Low operating speed, even heights(CV≤5%), segregation-free; fast discharging, small amount of residue, excellent sealing property of doors; stable transmission, small friction; convenient maintenance; beautiful in appearance, no environmental pollution; mixed evenly in the weightless condition, the material is free from the influence of granularity and volume-weight. Numerous paddles with special angles are soldered on the rotor; at the both sides of the rotor sit scrapers; the gap between blades and chassis is very small. Bottom-dump dual doors discharge material with its doors wide open. The door is opened to 90 degree, which ensures the least amount of residual material;
          Pneumatic controlling devices; the discharging door shares the same curvature as the bottom tank of the mixer base; reasonable sealing device and four finishing discharging doors ensure no material leakage. Dual rows chain transmission with high strength; achieve the optimal rotate speed of main shaft, large transmission torque; increase productivity; transmit with less noise and in a more stable manner. Many a atomization nozzle. Choose famous bearings. Adopting spherical roller bearing as the mainshaft bearing, the mixer has a long service life. The door on the closed trough is set for overhauling and cleaning, and it is convenient to operate and clean it.
          Range of application: it is widely used in the mixing of material in the shape of powder, pellets, plate, bulk, and gelatinization in the field of feed, food, chemical industries.

          Major Technicai Parameters

          Product model SJH0.5 SJH1 SJH2 SJH4 SJH7 SJH8
          Main engine power (KW) 5.5 11 18.5 30 37 45
          production capacity (kg/p) 250 500 1000 2000 3000 4000