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          Welcome Tongli Grain Machinery!
          Single equipment series
          hammer grinder

          Performance features:
          Horizontal hammer grinder is invented by integrating the latest international technology with national realities;Adopting the drop-shaped structure and the particular regrinding design, the grinding chamber increase its grinding efficiency by maximizing effective grinding surface;Gravity operating door and unique and convenient sieve pressing mechanism are available for sieve changing that meet various fitness of grind;The working surface of hammer is welded with hard alloy material, which prolongs its service life;Rapid manual feeding and steering control of electrical machine are convenient and dependable;It can be extensively applied to such field as feed mills, brewing industries and chemical industries in grinding granular material.

          Major Technicai Parameters

          Product model SFSP70*40 SFSP70*50 SFSP70*60 SFSP138*40 SFSP138*50 SFSP138*60 SFSP138*80
          Main engine power (KW) 45-55 55-75 75-90 90-110 110-132 132-160 160-200
          production capacity (t/h) 3-6 4-10 5-12 6-15 8-20 10-25 15-30