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          Welcome Tongli Grain Machinery!
          Single equipment series
          TLCWF ultrafine grinder

          Performance features:

          Grinding chamber and winnowing classifying chamber are incorporated in the same machine, thus forming a compact structure. It can complete the process of grinding, winnowing and classifying and regrinding process simultaneously.
          The fitness of grinding from 60 to 200 is at your disposal;
          Alloy hammerhead with special hard material, gear ring and high-powered wear-resisting plate feature long service lives and low cost per ton;
          Grinding material has a low temperature rise, which ensures the nutrients of raw material;
          Adopting an air cooling feature, the main bearing builds in itself a closed imported SKF high-speed bearing which ensures the continuous operation with no failure;
          Independent feeding equipment with variable frequency enables the entry of material into the grinding chamber in a well-proportioned manner;
          Having been equipped with a dedicated silencer, it will greatly reduce the noise;
          It applies to the ultrafine grinding of many materials like corns, wheat, peanut meal, fermented soybean meal, fish meal, shrimp shells, gourmet powder, glucose, drugs, dye intermediate and activated carbon.